Sat. May 25th, 2024

It was a beautiful day to walk in the Cereal City parade in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan. A group of KGOP Executive Committee members and Precinct Delegates walked along side Congressman Bill Huizenga, the Huizenga Team, the Calhoun County GOP, and Calhoun County officials. There was a strong presence of Cereal City parents with their kids, and everyone enjoyed the perfect weather – Sunny and 70’s.

Jason Mikkelborg representing the District 4 Executive Committee members, stated “It was a great day and I shook hands and talked with some fellow Veterans, couldn’t be better. I’m proud to represent District 4 with our Calhoun County GOP brothers and sisters, and its always an honor to walk and talk with Bill.”

By Jason Mikkelborg

Precinct Delegate in Portage 14th district.