Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Today is the 79th anniversary of D-Day, where Allied troops landed on the shore of Normandy, France, to overwhelm and eventually defeat Hitler’s forces.

D-Day was officially Operation Overlord, and also called the Normandy Invasion. It was the largest amphibious assault in wartime history. More than 7,000 naval vessels crossed the English Channel to transport 132.000 ground troops to face German machine guns atop the cliffs. 18,000 paratroopers were also dropped behind German lines.

The Normandy American Cemetery, on the high cliffs overlooking the beaches of the invasion, has 9,386 graves of American soldiers, most whom who died during D-Day operations.

Today and everyday we honor all who swam ashore, climbed the cliffs under heavy fire, and saved the world from Hitler’s evil. We’re also grateful for all veterans who’ve defended our Freedom around the world.

President Ronald Reagan visited Pointe du Hoc (a strategic spot atop the cliffs of Normandy) on the 40th anniversary, 1984. His speech, “The Boys of Pointe du Hoc” honors those who bravely defended American values. Worth watching!

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