Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Local Kalamazoo Democrat elected officials and Dana Nessel kicked off pride month in Kalamazoo yesterday, where Nessel exclaimed that “Michigan will be the Anti-Florida.”

State Senator Sean Mccann also addressed the crowd, and reiterated that Michigan will be the new Anti-Florida as well.  

Maybe local Kalamazoo Democrats aren’t aware, but Michigan already is the Anti-Florida. 


  • 4th in the nation for GDP
  • 2.6% Unemployment rate
  • No income tax
  • Population increase of almost 1 million people in last 3 years
  • Constitutional Carry 
  • State laws prohibiting schools from talking about sex and gender identity to 6 year old children
  • State laws prohibiting children from attending sexual events. 
  • Annual wage increase of 4.1%


  • 14th in the nation for GDP
  • 4.3% Unemployment rate
  • 4.25% income tax
  • Population decrease of 45,000 in the last 3 years
  • Democrats passing ANTI Gun Laws. 
  • State Government promoting sex and gender identity instruction to 6 year old children
  • State Government promotes drag queen shows for children. 
  • Annual wage increase of 0.4%

Dana Nessel and Sean Mccann are both correct, Michigan is the Anti-Florida. Unfortunately it’s at the expense of Michigan families, where the Democrats in Michigan are failing to deliver on economic growth, and instead are hyper focused to make sure your child is learning about 57 genders in school.