Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Late last week the Democrat led Senate introduced a package of 11 bills in the context
of “gun safety.”. In reality these bills do nothing to stop mass shootings and only aim to make it
harder for law abiding citizens to defend themselves in the State of Michigan.
Senate Bills 76-86 must be defeated.

Call and Email these State Senators and Representatives today that are currently
Democrats in Republican leaning districts and tell them VOTE NO.

(Battle Creek) – Jim Haadsma (517)-373-2616
(Dexter) – Jennifer Conlin (517)-373-7557
(Downriver) – Jamie Churches (517) 373-0478
(Bay City) – Kristen McDonald Rivet (517)-373-1725
(Macomb) – Veronica Klinefelt (517)-373-7670
(Walker) – Carol Glanville (517) 373-0476
(GR) – Rachel Hood (517) 373-1790
(Marquette) – Jenn Hill (517) 373-0498
(Utica) – Joey Andrews (517) 373-0827