Fri. Apr 12th, 2024


The Kalamazoo County Executive Committee met on March 1st at 7:00 for a special meeting that was called by the Chair. A special meeting was called due to events that took place at the district caucus in Lansing on February 17th, 2023 that involved precinct delegates from Kalamazoo County.

Before the meeting was called to order the police had to be called to remove an individual who was not on the executive committee and refused to leave. Around 7:30 a Portage police officer arrived on scene and after a dispute the individual was escorted out of the KGOP office. 

At the Executive Committee meeting three individuals(Harris, Pero, Bennett), and one ex-officio (Pritchett-Evans) were “censured” and had their “KGOP Membership” revoked. They were also refunded their membership dues. “Further actions are forthcoming”, stated Chairwoman Kelly Sackett after the meeting.

KGOP Chairwoman Kelly Sackett said, “We need to ensure all delegates have a voice and they deserve to be heard and that the credibility of the KGOP has been diminished and discredited, we won’t let this disenfranchisement of our delegates go un-answered, even if the MiGOP Chair does nothing.” 

The reason stated for these necessary actions to protect the organization, were these individuals were actively working against the interest of the KGOP organization, and its members and delegates.

When asked what Chair Sackett meant by further actions she replied, “We are done playing games with delegates who think winning a seat by disenfranchising our voters is the end game (see previous press release), they just don’t understand. We need to come together as a fierce protector of individuals rights, and win back the hearts and minds of all like minded voters. We are Republicans, we represent the individual spirit in everyone, and we need to change the hearts and minds of the disillusioned and disheartened Independents and educate them on conservative principles. We need to embrace Liberty again.”

The individuals who had their membership revoked, censured, and payment refunded/or will be refunded through the mail.  

Kim Harris 

Veronica Pero 

William Bennett 

Sabrina Pritchett-Evans

The KGOP looks forward to moving forward with a clear and precise message to bring to the people of Kalamazoo to defeat Democrats in 2024.

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