Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

A State Committee meeting was held in Commerce Township, Michigan on Saturday resulting with in the removal of the now former Chair of the Michigan Republican Party, Kristina Karamo as the Chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. Her short tenure was a This is the result of a loss in confidence by a large majority of the State Committee members and other Republicans at large stakeholders in the state. The Chair Karamo failed to show up to the meeting and Co-Chair Malinda Pego presided in her absence.

The meeting was After a called to order, the and a quorum was met reached, and then the State Committee body members present moved into conducted the meeting in accordance with state and federal statute, party bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order. The meeting began with issues at had involved some unresolved and languishing house keeping by the various committees. The next order of business was before entertaining a motion to remove former Chair Karamo. Fair and lively discussion ensued, with counsel Hartman making various comments, and made several inquiries, he also spoke and speaking freely throughout the meeting.

Acting Chair pro tempore Malinda Pego managed the meeting well, moving through the agenda diligently. The meeting lasted approximately three hours and resulted in the removal of or any involvement of the following Michigan Republican Party leadership and associates:

Kristina Karamo, Dan Hartman, Joel Studebaker, Lori Skibo, Jim Copas, and Robert Owen.

The KGOP looks forward to working with Acting Chair Pego and the State Committee in the process of finding and appointing a replacement Chair, so that together we can now focus on winning elections this year, and moving our State & County back into a positive direction.

Statement from Acting Chair Pego: