Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Kalamazoo Expo Gun & Knife Show-Last weekend the KGOP worked at the Kalamazoo Gun & Knife Show and we had many visitors, from far and wide. Many were from Allegan, Calhoun, Berrien, Kent, St. Joe, Ottawa to name a few.

Great conversations were initiated, a lot of wonderful fellow patriots, gun smiths and quite a few veterans came to our table to swap stories, sign up for our newsletter and some to sign up to work the polls.  We now have 9 days of early voting in addition to the Election Day (actually there are 40 days including Absentee Voting by mail).  The County is paying Election Inspectors $16 per hour and the County needs to fill 367 Republican Election Inspector (workers) shifts. 2024 may be the most expensive election year in the County history. Thank you (not), beautiful progressive Prop 2 which was passed last November and is being paid for with your tax dollars.  So, sign up to be an Election Inspector, support our Republicans in our County,  and help the Kalamazoo Republican Party at KGOP.VOTE. We need your help.

Quite a few people disparaged on pocketbook issues that are making lives less affordable, like prices for energy, gasoline, bacon, hamburger, milk, eggs, coffee, cereal, and they were also very offended at the Democrats swipe at all the gun legislation being pushed through Lansing recently. The biggest joke on Saturday was “Hey, where is the Democrat table?”.  “Well, it’s next door at the Arts & Craft Show!” 😊

I would also like to mention an awesome act of support from a vendor at the show.  One of our own Veterans brought a Full Standard Flag to stand behind our table all weekend. Our wonderful veteran  bought the flag impromptu, to be with him at the 4th Congressional District Committee meetings, where  they didn’t even have a flag for their meetings, and still don’t have one, just a mini hand held flag to Pledge Allegiance to at meetings.  The vendor next to our booth donated a brand new Flag (made in the USA) so our veteran would have another flag when needed. 

Thanks to all at the Gun and Knife show who helped work the booth.  A big THANK YOU to “Fly ‘Em High”, Flag * Flag Poles * Accessories, from LaPorte IN, who donated the flag. 

Also, Thank You everyone who worked the booth.