Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

The KGOP Stands with the 16 Patriots who have been wrongly charged. We feel these were “politically motivated” and par for the course for Attorney General Nessel.

The KGOP believes that these charges would not have been filed had these electors been for any other candidate than President Donald J. Trump. This is another blatant attempt to create a crime in pursuit of the former President. Unfortunately these 16 patriots, who represent our Great State of Michigan, have been caught up in this mess which has been created by the most politically motivated Michigan AG in recent memory.

Dana Nessel has again proven she is more than a “dozing” off spectator, but rather a political tool of the Democrat Party. The irony of Governor Whitmer signing newly passed election law moments before the announcement of these charges. Tragic for all of us.

Again, We ask Dana Nessel – What Happened and When did you know it?