Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

The Kalamazoo County Republican Party (KGOP) Chair Kelly Sackett and Vice Chair Charley Coss attended the Republican National Committee (RNC) Debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Wednesday August 23rd. They received two tickets and drove themselves to Milwaukee. They attended a luncheon where Mark Robinson gave a passionate speech and announced he is running for the Governor of North Carolina. Mark spent time with Kelly at his reception, talking about the Culture War we are all living through.  All republicans are fighting the the culture war, even in North Carolina. Mark Robinson has an awesome story, just 6 years ago he was working as a laborer and decided he wouldn’t take it anymore, he got involved, now he’s the Lt. Governor of North Carolina. North Carolina is pushing back on the Woke, Election Laws, and everything not within the Republican values.  Chairwoman Sackett commented later, “He’s a rising Star in our party, because he is fighting for every parent and every child, He is all about Life, All Life, and he makes a great point that we need to walk the walk.”

After that they spent time talking to several members of the RNC, who were just relaxing in the hallway. A RNC committeeman from Minnesota, and a member of the Candidate Debate Committee.  The discussion ran through talking about Trumps current indictment.  They are very proud to have broken with the “Council on Presidential Debates”.

Throughout the day, the #1 mission was to promote the KGOP, Rose Rook, The 16 Electors, and of course Matt DePerno.  The Chairs handed out many cards and were amazed that there are many people who are aware of what is going on in Michigan, especially Kalamazoo County.  Many people who want to help, many wondered why there wasn’t any support from the MiGOP for all the defendants of Dana Nessel.  

Some questions asked were:

Where are the legal teams? In past years they would have been ready to defend fellow Republicans.  Where is the messaging? This is what several people asked them, they were dismayed at no messaging.

The KGOP Chairs told them many people around the state have stepped into the void. That is what it looks like in Michigan, no State Party, but many, many patriots are filling the voids.  It was unfortunate that there was no one from the MiGOP, (absolutely no MiGOP spokesperson) was there lending support and standing up for Michigan.  Greatfully, the RNC is ready to help.  “We hear the RNC is working on helping where they can, especially at the county level, let’s hope someone is listening.”

They spent time with Dr. Rob Steele (RNC Michigan Committeeman) and discussed the State Party issues, the upcoming Caucuses and Presidential Primary issues.  As well as, met with Committeemen from Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin, and many great other representatives. 

Dr. Rob Steele will be addressing the KGOP on September 11th @ 7pm at the 12th Street Baptist Church, located at 3911 S 12th St, Kalamazoo, MI 49009. He has a lot of information to provide to Kalamazoo County and surrounding Counties.

Besides getting selfies with a certain Fox Weekend Warrior, Pete Hegseth, who also took the KGOP information, They ended up getting into the Debate and were sitting with some really great Patriots. Some of the candidates went down in flames, some had commercial break discussions with each other – if only to be on the stage and listen – in the end – the most interesting event was someone who was being interviewed by Tucker, some guy with 81M viewers.

The KGOP Chair & Vice Chair also met a past US Senate candidate for Wisconsin, she was able to give them background on former Governor Scott Walkers, and his relationship working with the There were a lot of younger republicans, many were energized and most of the attendees were upbeat optimistic. During the debates, the crowd was loud and lively, booing Chris Christie and VP Pence, and cheering loudly at times as well. It was a lively debate, some big winners and some big losers. During the first commercial break, Vice Chair Charley overheard an attendee say, “We need to vote someone off every commercial break, and I know who”.  (who do you think it was each commercial break?)

“Supporting the KGOP is always a worthy trip” voiced both Chairwoman Sackett and Vice Chair Coss.