Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

The KGOP Stands with and supports Matt DePerno! 

Corrupt Democrat politicians and career government bureaucrats are resorting to use their offices to falsely accuse their political opponents, prosecute their critics and intimidate those who challenge their actions.

Today two Republican Party leaders were charged with crimes ultimately for being a candidate against Dana Nessel, or a vocal opponent of her in the legislature. Dana Nessel and Joe Biden are both relying on politically aligned Special Prosecutors to go after their opponents.  Today they delivered for their bosses.

It is not surprising that Dana Nessel and other corrupt Democratic officials will attack anyone they fear or who questions their actions. What are Michigan Democrats hiding?

We are confident that Dana Nessel has exceeded her authority, that these charges are meritless, and that she will answer to the people of Michigan.  

We ask that all Michigan Republican Parties leaders across this great state and other county Republican Party Executive Committees stand in support of Matt DePerno, the 16 alternate Republican electors, Daire Rendon, and President Donald J. Trump. All of whom are Republicans being attacked only by Democrats because they are Republicans. This is a time to unite! We call upon the MiGOP – Stand With Matt!

We also ask every Republican County Prosecutor in Michigan to recognize the repeated abuse of power and misappropriation of government resources for political purposes that has been exhibited by Dana Nessel and County Prosecutors under her influence as actions contrary to the rule of law.

We ask our Republican Leaders in Lansing, and all Republicans throughout the State to stand up and make their voices heard.

Such abuse of power against our fellow citizens cannot go unanswered!

Matt DePerno’s Attorney Statement:


Paul Stablein, PLLC

Attorney for Matthew DePerno

August I, 2023

In response to recent developments, my client wishes to make the following statement regarding

the indictment and the charges improperly levied against him.

Today, Mr. DePerno was arraigned on 4 felony counts by a special assistant to the office of the

attorney general. He categorically denies any wrongdoing and firmly asserts that these charges are

unfounded and lack merit.

The indictment arises from a court ordered forensic investigation of the Antrim County election

where Mr. DePerno uncovered significant security flaws. He maintains his innocence and firmly

believes that these charges are not based upon any actual truth and are motivated primarily by

politics rather than evidence.

He is confident that justice will prevail, and he looks forward to the date when his innocence will

be demonstrated in a court of law.

He calls on the people of the State of Michigan to stand with him during this time as he remains

dedicated to the pursuit of truth and justice.


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