Sat. May 25th, 2024

Labor union power broker, Jonathan Byrd, has resigned from his position as the President of the South Central Michigan Area Labor Council. The information was sent out from the AFL-CIO through a press release earlier today. 

Byrd’s resignation comes on the heels of an investigation into an alleged sexual assault that occurred at a Kalamazoo Democrat Party fundraiser, as reported by the KGOP in an earlier article

As reported and uncovered by the KGOP, we believe Attorney General Danna Nessel was in Kalamazoo on April 19, 2022  and may have attended the fundraiser where the alleged sexual assault occurred. 

We reached out to the Attorney General’s office to verify if AG Nessel was in Kalamazoo and attended a fundraiser on April 19, 2022. Unfortunately they were more concerned with what news organization I was with, than saying yes or no.  

Luckily our very own State Representative Julie Rogers shared a picture with AG Nessel on April 19, 2022…in Kalamazoo at a fundraiser for Nessel herself.