Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

The KGOP had a Great Showing at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Kalamazoo today. With about 20 marchers the KGOP proceeded through Kalamazoo, showering the 100’s of children with candy, smiles and good cheer. It seemed it was all smiles for everyone on the crisp mid 30’s Sunny Saturday morning.

KGOP – 2023 St Patrick’s Day Parade

Mayor Anderson greeted KGOP Chairwoman Kelly Sackett, welcoming the KGOP to the parade. In the tradition of the this Irish celebration, we were joined by the Parade’s Grand Marshall for a photo and some small talk prior to the beginning of the parade.

Mayor Anderson – Greeting Chairwoman Sackett
Brian Kincaid – Mayor Anderson
Saint Patrick
Grand Marshall demonstrating how St Patrick drove the Snakes out of the County – “Poof Your Gone”

The Young Republicans were represented with Sam Nelson’s Jeep pacing our marchers and with the Chairwoman Sackett waving and sending candy to the children lining the streets. Needless to say everyone was enjoying themselves.

We had several Veterans marching in green, Brian Kincaid, Karen Williams, and Jason Mikkelborg bringing up the rear with his Truck. And of course our own Harvey Koontz and his son Rich playing Irish music throughout the parade.

Lots of Cheer and Festive moments including Dennis Kehoe and wife walked their dog who was the hit of the parade.