Sat. May 25th, 2024

The Democrat obsession with sexualizing children is now coming to Kalamazoo County. A church in Kalamazoo County is hosting a drag queen training workshop and a drag show that is geared towards children. 

The push of normalizing sexual entertainment for children to not just watch, but to also participate has become a national phenomenon that’s been spread across the country by the progressive left. A Kentucky Church hosted a similar event in 2022 that sparked national controversy. 

The Republican platform believes in protecting children’s innocence, letting them be kids, and not pushing a political agenda on them. 10 years ago 99% of the people of this country would have agreed on this messaging. Unfortunately that is not the case in 2023, and our party must continue to fight against these radical ideas. 

Under Michigan law (MCL 750.145c) through interpretation it is criminally illegal for a child to attend or participate in a sexual entertainment event. 

Will Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller conduct a criminal investigation?