Chairman’s Corner by Scott McGraw

The Republican National Convention is just a couple of weeks away and I’m looking forward to attending the big event. My hope is to see our party rally behind our nominee once the event is held and the nomination confirmed.

This must be Cleveland’s year to shine. Not only did the Cavaliers win the NBA championship a few weeks ago, but the Indians haven’t lost a baseball game since then. Maybe Detroit should pursue the RNC Convention in four years. We need some kind of advantage for the Lions to snap their long-standing drought.

A lot has been said about this coming election and our presumptive nominee. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump sure elicits an emotional response from nearly every person I speak to about him. I think we all need to take a deep breath, relax and remember that much of this is being hyped by the media. We sometimes get worked up about a candidate and our thinking becomes irrational. I had one person tell me that he will leave the country if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

I’m pretty sure America will survive if Hillary becomes president, just as I am sure all the naysayers will be proven wrong by Donald Trump’s actions when he is elected president. Women will still retain the right to vote; illegal aliens will not be shot in the streets; and World War III will not breakout overnight.

Donald Trump will run a controversial campaign. I am very confident of that. But I am also confident that he will not be the extremist that everyone is pontificating on. The man has not become successful and wealthy without surrounding himself with some outstanding people who make rational and insightful decisions along the way. I am reminded about Gerald Ford when he became president after Nixon resigned. He was thrust into the spotlight without much time to prepare. Chevy Chase was mocking him day and night, building a career on making President Ford look like an idiot. But if you look and the economic indicators of the day, the Ford presidency was very successful during an unstable time in American history. Why? He surrounded himself with good people.

What we really need to concern ourselves with is all the other elections taking place on Nov. 8th. The U.S. Senate is very close to becoming Democratic led in most of the polls. If a lot of Republicans stay at home on election day, we may have trouble holding the U.S. House, as well. Kalamazoo County also needs Republican votes on Nov. 8th to help turn the tide here at home.

This is the time for Republicans to unite. Our convention is just around the corner and our values are the best for this country going forward. We cannot allow the United States to be controlled by Democratic leadership any longer. The burden of taxes on the people of this country will continue to grow with the Democrats in control. Vote Republican and please vote for a Republican president.