Chairman’s Corner by Scott McGraw

I’m looking forward to this coming year. That sounds strange with such a challenging year on tap, but honestly I believe this will be a great year for the Republicans, both nationally and here locally. The presidential primary season is upon us with the Iowa caucuses kicking off on the first day of the new month. Several other primaries will be decided over the weeks of February as we close in on Michigan’s turn for primary on March 8.

It has been a different political season with 12 candidates still in the race. I can’t remember such a large and diverse field in the GOP’s history. I strongly believe that Republicans will put forth a strong candidate for this election. Whoever that candidate might be, I hope all Republicans can join together in supporting him or her in the general election. We must set aside our differences over the primary challenge to be victorious in the general. One thing I can guarantee at this point: any of these 12 candidates will be a better president than anything the Democrats can put on the ballot.

The Kalamazoo GOP had a strong year in 2015, where we’ve renewed friendships and strengthened relationships with members of our local party. There have been dozens of events held in the past year to help us come together as an organization and re-energize our efforts to recruit and support candidates.

In the coming months, you will see a strong slate of candidates emerge as we approach filing deadline. These candidates have committed to run a strong race, and I am proud of each and every one of them who have the courage to serve the public as an elected official.

But to be successful in electing Republicans in 2016, our party must be strong in volunteering and strong in support. I would like to challenge you as a Republican to commit helping the KGOP in this important election year. We have some pivotal races in our county.

Citizens benefited from 100 years of Republican leadership in the Sheriff’s Office, until the current sheriff was elected in 2008. With your efforts, I am confident he will not serve a third term. The Prosecutor’s Office is being run by a first-term Democrat. The first term of any elected official is the most precarious. In addition, Republicans lost control of the County Commission in the last election, which has cost the taxpayers dearly with new taxes in the county and several more on their way this year.

BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP! Membership in the KGOP is very affordable and goes a long way in helping us achieve our goals in electing Republicans to office. Please find the advertisement on the last page of this newsletter. Select the level of membership you want and return it with your check, made payable to Republican Party of Kalamazoo County. You may also pay for your membership online at: Just click on the “Membership” tab and pay via Paypal.

This is a pivotal year for politics in this country. There is frustration building on both sides of the aisle. Hearing how the Democratic side would like to  address policies and issues should one of them win, I have a hard time imaging  four more years of Democratic leadership. I don’t think this country can take it – and I don’t think our county can continue under democratic leadership either.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (269) 323-0067. I look forward to working with you during the 2016 election cycle to bring success to Kalamazoo County and this country through its Republican Party!