Chairman’s Corner by Scott McGraw

We’re heading down the home stretch of the 2018 campaign cycle and there is one thing that is certain: Nothing is certain. The races we will be voting on will be very tight races. Election night on Nov. 6 is going to be a tough night. I think of the old Eagles song in these situations: “There’s going to be some heartache tonight!”

I pray there is more heartache on the Democrat side than the Republican, but I know we can’t possibly win every race we’re involved in. Election night is usually a mixed bag. I remember four years ago when we had a very late night watching to see if Margaret O’Brien was going to win the senate race. I remember county commission candidate Stan Runyon leaving around midnight from our victory party, saying he had to go to work in the morning. He had a 55-vote lead with just absentee votes to be counted. I congratulated him as he left the restaurant.

We found out Margaret prevailed around 3 a.m. when the absentee votes were added and she had a 59-vote victory (which turned out to be a 61-vote margin after the recount). As we celebrated Margaret’s win, I knew there was going to be heartache in the morning as I saw Stan’s total slip away to a 70-vote win for Democrat Larry Provancher.

That was repeated again in 2016 with my friend Jerry Whitaker lost the same commission district by only 45 votes – even with Hillary Clinton gaining 1,100 more votes than Donald Trump in his district.

The Democrats are hitting the campaign trail hard in Kalamazoo with strong challengers for senate and the 61st district in the house. They have an incumbent in the 10th district of the county and my 11th district is also being challenged heavily. Our statewide candidates are also under a lot of pressure this year as Dems are leading in virtually every poll.

But I have faith in the Republican electorate in Kalamazoo County and in Michigan. Although the Dems turned out for the primary, they will have another thing coming when it comes to the general election. Republicans won’t let the values of our parents and grandparents slip through our hands in this year’s election. We have too much to lose and our children and grandchildren’s futures are not negotiable.

It’s time for the silent conservatives to let their voices be heard on Nov. 6! We cannot let government at the local and state level fall into the hands of the liberals. This month, we need to spread the word and get out the vote. Republicans need a HUGE turnout at the polls to keep our values instilled in our government. Let’s turn the tables on the Dems and shock the world again in 2018! Michigan did it in 2016 and we need to do it again this year.

Talk to your like-minded friends and make sure they vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6. This is a critical time for the Republican ideals and values!