KALAMAZOO, MI  – Kalamazoo County Republican Party Chair David Worthams issued the following statement about a Michigan Republican Party mailer that included a phone number for a candidate’s mother:

“This was a boneheaded mistake made by the Michigan Republican Party and we need to get to the bottom of it. Someone has a lot of explaining to do. But at the end of the day, everyone involved — even the Democrat candidate — has seen this as a mistake and not a deliberate attempt to annoy an elderly mother. The fact that Democrats are continuing to push this story just shows that they once again would rather cause a distraction than debate the issues.

“It’s blatant and shameful that John Fisher continues to use his mother as a pawn. On Sept. 15 at a forum held at the Kalamazoo senior services center, Fisher lied to the senior citizens in attendance by claiming that Republicans had taxed her out of her home. Fisher said on TV last night that he is now living in his mother’s home. The tax reform that brought more fairness to our tax code had absolutely nothing to do with he and his 91-year-old mother deciding she needs to be in hospice care.

“The phone number on the mailer was publicly listed under Fisher’s name. While I’m certain the Republican Party never sought to include Fisher’s mother in this campaign, it is quite clear that Fisher will lie about and use his mother to further his own political future at every turn.”