Chairman’s Corner by Scott McGraw

Your Kalamazoo County Republican Party will participate in the state party’s Super Saturday on Oct. 14 to help prepare for the 2018 election season. I’m excited about the things we are doing both at the state and the local level to get ready for 2018. We have many local elections to contend with here in Kalamazoo County – starting with our Congressional 6th District seat – and not limited to the state senate race and some key state rep. positions.

And I need to emphasize that the Kalamazoo County Commission is one seat short for the Republicans; specifically the 10th District in Portage. Last term we lost the seat by just 46 votes. The term before that by 70 votes. We need to bring this seat back into the Republican family in 2018.

The state party has been developing a walking app and calling app for our smartphones. The Kalamazoo GOP has been instrumental in helping with this project and is training volunteers weekly to help knock doors and navigate with this app for local candidates.

All this is said to mention that the state will be hosting a Super Saturday event on Oct. 14. We will gather at the KGOP office that morning and go out in teams in the community to help strengthen our data in Kalamazoo County for coming elections. The walking app and is easy to download, but needs registration and some training to navigate efficiently.

Next year’s election will be upon us before we know it and it is imperative that Republicans start laying the foundation for a successful election now. I am committed to making this party stronger and making the 2018 election one of the GOP’s most successful elections in our history. Please join me on Saturday, Oct. 14, as we begin that process!