Chairman’s Corner by Scott McGraw

We’re in the homestretch for the 2016 campaigns and what an exciting time for your local Republican Party! The KGOP office has been converted into the Victory Center as the state party has set up phone banks and hired personnel to help propel the Republican Party to victory in November.

The grand opening of the Kalamazoo Victory Center at the KGOP office was filled with excitement as Ronna Romney McDaniel, the state party chair, and Scott Hagerstrom, Trump’s campaign director for Michigan were there to fire up the troops. We had a great turnout of supporters and candidates.

Scott Hagerstrom told us about the efforts the Trump Campaign is making in the state and he added that Kalamazoo is an important battleground site for Michigan. He said the campaign is confident that Michigan will go red for Trump and that Kalamazoo is a big part of their strategy.

Also coming to the event was Trump’s union strategist Terry Bowman. He has been working hard to help the efforts of gaining the support of union members throughout the state. He said there is a groundswell of support building within the ranks of the union, despite the union bosses pushing for Hillary Clinton.

I was very proud that we had so many candidates turn out for the Victory Center celebration. Every one of them has been working hard campaigning for their respective offices. Several spoke at the event and told of the great support Republicans have out in the community. Door-to-door campaigning has been a key to the success for Kalamazoo area candidates over the years. Kalamazoo County has turned from a red county to a purple county in recent years as we have 52 percent Democrats in the county. With four of the five legislators Republican, we are definitely over-performing!

Signs have been going out and I’m proud to report that the KGOP office has given out more than 1,000 signs in the past three weeks. This is huge! We’ve also been able to distribute many of the local candidate signs through this initiative. This is a critical juncture for Kalamazoo Republicans. We need all the support you can give – whether volunteering, donating or just talking to your friends and neighbors about voting Republican. The path forward needs to be with Republican leadership. Please encourage everyone you know to vote on Nov. 8.