Chairman’s Corner by Scott McGraw

The primary is finally over and now the real work begins. This November’s election is one of the most important elections in my mind that Kalamazoo County has had ever. There is so much at stake. Kalamazoo County has been a transitioning community over the past decade. For the past four years, the county commission has been under Democrat control. It has led to a number of liberal initiatives that are costing taxpayers money and citizens our freedoms.

A homeless tax has done little to help homelessness in Kalamazoo County. In fact, it appears to have gotten worse since the time it was enacted. Voters approved a $2.8 million senior millage just a few weeks ago – with no apparent plan to solve problems for seniors in our community. Non-profits in the area that do the majority of senior care are concerned their donations will go down in the face of the increases in taxes.

Kalamazoo County now also has a county ID card for illegal aliens to live easier amongst us while we provide services to an increasing number of non-citizens who do not participate in the American system.

And now Kalamazoo County has become a sanctuary county with the recent resolution that was passed by the Democrats in July. This puts at risk more than $325,000 in funding for our court system and endangers nearly $24 million in federal funding that comes to the county.

Is the picture becoming clear? All this is nonsense going on – and more – while we have problems throughout the county with flooding of residences and businesses – and poverty and homelessness are major obstacles facing residents on a daily basis. As my friend Dale Shugars often says, “Elections have consequences.” Well, this needs to end now.

The November election is the most critical election I’ve seen for Kalamazoo County in the many years I’ve been around local politics. The county commission must change. We have seen enough of the mismanagement and lack of direction under Democrat control. It’s time to bring back the sensible leadership that can guide our county government to new directions.

County government is not the only concern I have with the November election. Republicans have four of the five legislators in the county. The top two races in the state identified by the state GOP are right here in Kalamazoo County: State Senate District 20 and State Representative District 61. Margaret O’Brien has another challenging race in the senate, as does Brandt Iden in the house.

Republicans must get out and vote this November. The only path to victory is with a high Republican turnout in the election. It doesn’t matter how you vote, absentee or at the polls; it matters that you exercise your right as a citizen to cast a ballot and have your vote counted. Please vote on Nov. 6th!