When former State Representative Lorence Wenke declared that he was leaving the Republican Party to become a Libertarian he mentioned that the KGOP was leading the way to discriminate against homosexuals.  And he pointed out how others of his former colleagues, especially former State Representative Chris Ward (R-Brighton) was embarrassed by his role in putting the constitutional amendment on the ballot that banned gay marriage in Michigan.

It’s fine to disagree with policy positions, but it’s not fine to make up your own facts.  Let’s keep in mind that I, as Chair of the KGOP, have spoke out forcefully and on multiple occasions against statements made by members that are derogatory in nature against homosexuals.  I have take a lot of …. frankly, crap for doing so.  There’s many other of our officials who also have said the same thing.

Now, let’s just call a spade a spade.  Lorence Wenke left the party because he can’t win a primary election for State Senate.  So rather than let democracy rule, he’d like to make an end-around things by joining the Libertarian party and by running as a Libertarian.

Again, that’s fine … nothing wrong with switching parties, even if it is disappointing.

But if you’re going to do that … shouldn’t you uphold your new party’s platform?  Libertarians are AGAINST TAXES, AGAINST RAISING TAXES and they’ve been pretty forthright in standing against GAS TAX INCREASES.

According to their own website, “Libertarian Party of Michigan (LPM) chairwoman, Denee Rockman-Moon says,’Raising taxes is not the solution. Michiganders are only beginning to crawl out of the hole that both state Democrats and Republicans placed them in… raising taxes via license and registration fee increases serves  only as a further burden on [still] cash-strapped citizens. Snyder or if this were still Granholm, it’s simply more of the same.’”

But what does Lorence think?

Take a look for yourselves and hear the words from Lorence’s own mouth … especially at the 3:00 mark of this video.

Lorence Wenke – LINO in waiting!!

Lorence is not a libertarian.  He’s a contrarian. Plain and simple.

Which brings us to a recent Facebook post by former State Representative CHRIS WARD who sees Lorence for what he’s doing.  On 5/8/14, Ward posted:

Not satisfied with upsetting one party, my old friend Lorence has been a Libertarian for about two weeks and called for an..INCREASE IN ROAD TAXES. I looked over the Libertarian Party platform and well…this seemed a little bit of a tough sell. Lorence may well become our country’s first LINO.

The work of the contrarian is never complete.

You’re right, Rep. Ward.  Lorence is just looking out for himself and he doesn’t care what or who he damages along the way.

God Bless him though … to be the nation’s first LINO (Libertarian in Name Only) that takes someone who is absolutely stubborn as a mule.