KGOP Republican Candidates 2022

Governor – Tudor Dixon
Lt. Governor – Shane Hernandez
Attorney General – Matt DePerno
Secretary of State – Kristina Karamo

State Sen. 18th Dist. – Thomas A. Albert
State Sen. 19th Dist. – Dr. Tamara Mitchell

State Rep. 40th Dist. – Kelly Sackett
State Rep. 41st Dist. – Terry Haines
State Rep. 42nd Dist. – Matt Hall
State Rep. 45th Dist. – Sarah Lightner

County Commissioner 3 – Nicole Sabel
County Commissioner 4 – Charley Coss
County Commissioner 5 – Pete Strazdas
County Commissioner 6 – John Gisler
County Commissioner 7 – Jeff Heppler
County Commissioner 8 – Wendy Mazer
County Commissioner 9 – Tom Graham


Mich. Supreme Court – Brian Zahra
Mich. Supreme Court – Paul Hudson

State Board Of Ed. – Tami Carlone
State Board Of Ed. – Dr. Linda Lee Tarver

WSU Board of Gov. – Christa Murphy
WSU Board of Gov. – Craig Wilsher

MSU Board of Trustees – Dr. Travis Menge
MSU Board of Trustees – Mike Balow

U of M Regents – Lena Epstein
U of M Regents – Sevag Vartanian


Vote every race and both sides of ballot. Fill-in bubble for each Republican candidate. 

Election Day Is November 8th

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