Yesterday I was blessed with the opportunity to help Governor Rick Snyder take over 26,000 signatures to the Michigan Bureau of Elections and it was a very exciting moment!

You see, in order to run for Governor, you need to turn in at least 15,000 signatures.  Turning in 26,000 signatures from all 83 counties really says something about Rick Snyder.  It shows that he has support from all across the state to continue working on Reinventing Michigan.  It shows these signatures didn’t just come from his campaign team … it came from grassroot activities … folks like you and me.

And the Governor is able to do this because of the great things he’s done in his first term.  In this first term we’ve witnessed:

  • Governor Snyder balance the state budget, with NO GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN.  In fact, we’re building up our state’s savings account thanks to the economic turnaround from the bad days of Granholm/Schauer
  • Creation of 220,000 private sector jobs
  • Michigan become tied for 1st place for per capita personal income growth
  • Unemployment rates drop to 7.5% … the lowest in 6 years

I’m proud to endorse Governor Snyder for re-election.  I look forward to four more years of this fantastic work.  I stand with the NERD!

You should too.  Visit www.rickformichigan.com to join the team today!