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Please join us as we continue our Precinct Delegate Optimization and Development Project.  This program is directed to current Precinct Delegates, Precinct Delegate Candidates, Candidates for Office, Volunteers, Voters, Students, Activists – Anyone who is interested in helping to ensure a Republican victory in November’s elections.

By now we hope that you have begun to make the rounds through your neighborhood, educating your precinct voters about the new and expanding role of the precinct delegate in the electoral process.  Need ammunition for another round through the neighborhood – well, we have plenty for you.

This second program is entitled: “Effectively Communicating Republican Positions/Candidacies to Influence Voters and Ensure Their Vote on Election Day.”  Our focus will be to give you the concise, coherent, persuasive messages that will resonate with Republican, Independent, Swing, and Undecided Voters.  You will leave the training session armed with the facts and figures that will convince the voting public to not only get out to vote, but to vote RIGHT.

As we mentioned in our April training session, our biggest enemy right now is COMPLACENCY.  We can’t take for granted that Democrats will continue to stumble through the issues all the way to polls.  With many pundits already declaring a sweeping victory for Republicans, voters may get the impression that their vote won’t be needed.  Every last vote will be needed to send a strong message to every level of government: Conservatives have better policies and solutions for each and every one of the problems we face.

To register, please click on the Eventbrite link below.


After the training is completed, you may wish to stick around for the Monthly Meeting of the Republican Party of Kalamazoo County Executive Committee which follows immediately after the conclusion of the training.

Hope to see you there!

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