Chairman’s Corner by Scott McGraw

Wow! What an election this has been. It’s hard to absorb everything that has come up during this campaign and yet it more things keep coming that continue to baf e me. Now, we have a recount in several states – including Michigan!

Donald Trump was criticized very thoroughly for taking pause on committing to the election results and was practically cruci ed for calling the election system corrupt in the waning days of the campaign. Now, the Green Party
– a mere percentage point in this contest – is calling into question the authenticity of the election.

How does that happen? The Green Party is millions of votes short and there is no possibility of them taking the presidency. Of course, the Democratic Party is behind this and it should be brought out. They found a loophole for the recount and they are exploiting it. And what’s worse is the Green Party is doing it to make a quick buck. Unbelievable!

They say the recount of the election in Michigan is going to cost an estimated $4 million, even thought the Green Party is paying a little under $1 million. Kalamazoo County knows this better than more areas since two years ago we did a recount in the state senate race in 2014.

Sure, the candidate is charged $125 per precinct and there are some costs to the county. But there are dozens and dozens of volunteers needed to make that recount happen. The area clerks and many of their staff are paid salaries and at fees. This strains the local units of government. The witnesses are all volunteers. In the last recount for the senate race, there were upwards of 40 volunteers there daily during the three-day ordeal. Kalamazoo Clerk-Register Tim Snow is planning on between 60 and 80 volunteers this time around. Some were the same people and some were new each day. That’s one county of more than 83 counties in this Michigan and 222 counties in the three state being targeted.

With those volunteers, there is an unpaid expense that is not being factored into this equation. And don’t forget all the lawyers involved in this process. There will be lawyers on each side (I’m not sure if the Green Party will send lawyers) and as my good friend Fred Taylor has often told me, “Lawyers always get paid.”

It’s ridiculous that this farce is being allowed to happen. That being said, I have to put on my party chair hat and say we need volunteers. The state party is coordinating efforts to gather volunteers up and notify them. This is all happening very quickly. I think there will be trainings today and tomorrow and the recount will begin on Saturday morning in Kalamazoo County. Please go to the following website to register: Once registered, you will be updated by the state party on a regular basis.

Despite all the commotion and controversy this election has held, I think it is a good sign that a more common sense approach to governing will come to Washington. I say that not only about Republicans having control, but also to see what Donald Trump can accomplish. I am pleased at his approach in the rst days working on his appointments and am very impressed with the people he is including in his discussions. I can’t believe he is considering Mitt Romney. He is a bigger man than I would be in his position. It just goes to show you how seriously Donald Trump is taking being president.