Chairman’s Corner by Scott McGraw

We’re at crunch time for the 2018 election cycle and what a finish this is going to be! Both sides are pumped up for their candidates and both side have funded their coffers. Let the games begin!

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen so many commercials and postcards on an election Between the U.S. Senate race, the governor’s race, the attorney general’s race, the secretary of state’s race and all the local races, it is hard to determine which ad is for which candidate.

There are so many PAC ads (that can’t tell you how to vote) that it gets confusing. Those are the ads that say, “Call Margaret O’Brien and tell her you’re mad about health care.” Or something like that. Most of those ads are the negative type,  but some are positive. 

I guess the difference is the fervor over the local races. Congressman Fred Upton, State Sen. Margaret O’Brien, State Rep. Brandt Iden and some state representatives and senators that I’m not even aware of are filling the airwaves with ads. Some of those must be in Grand Rapids, but I’m not aware of them.

Of course the Dem candidates never seem to say which party they belong to, which gets even more confusing. It would be too easy to make candidates disclose that, I guess.

Some of the people who are developing the PAC ads are too close to the subject to make an effective ad for their cause. I’ll point to one again Margaret O’Brien. It starts off saying Margaret O’Brien is not bipartisan and she’s voted with her party 96% of the time. It goes on to talk about how she has voted to change healthcare and shows pictures of Trump and Schuette at the end of the commercial.

I saw that commercial and thought that was a great ad for her! It convinced me that I was supporting the right candidate in Margaret. I think Republicans who see that ad will flock to the polls to cast their ballot for her.

I heard a radio a couple months back for urging everyone not to vote for the incumbent commissioner. It said he voted against this measure and he voted against that measure. He also didn’t vote to put a millage on the ballot. This was a great ad in support of the commissioner they were trying to attack.

People have gotten so divided that the other party’s platform is so offensive they think just mentioning it is the strategy for election. Well, they don’t realize that their party’s platform is just as offensive to the other side.

I don’t know what is going to happen in this election, but it is impressive that both sides have mobilized so forcefully and are very passionate about their candidates. I pray that the candidates who will make the best decisions for all the citizens they serve will get elected. It’s going to be a hectic few days as we count down to election day on Tuesday. Please get out and vote.