Unfortunately, a work conflict is going to prevent me from attending our next KGOP Executive Committee.  In my place, I have submitted the following report to our membership and post it here to share with you all as well:

With apologies for not being present for tonight’s meeting, I wanted to bring you up to speed on a couple of things.

First, the results of our recent electronic vote, as authorized by you at our last meeting, is as follows:

ON THE QUESTION: “Shall the KGOP Bylaws, Article II be amended following the last bullet point by adding, “To promote and implement the Republican National Committee platform.”:

There are 10 YES, 11 NO, no abstentions.  Two-thirds of the Executive Committee not having voted therefore, the question FAILS.

ON THE QUESTION: “Shall Article VI, Section 3 of the KGOP Bylaws be amended to read as follows:

“A quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of at least 20 percent of the total voting members of the Executive Committee. The affirmative vote of a majority of those present shall be necessary to take formal action, except as otherwise provided herein or by law.”

There are 11 YES, 9 NO, one abstention.  Two-thirds of the Executive Committee not having voted therefore, the question FAILS.

Secondly, I appreciate those who have expressed concerns with the timing of the vote, with it falling over the Easter weekend.  To be frank, I didn’t think of Easter at the time I set up the vote and launched it.  Once it was up and running, there was little to be done to correct that.  Our bylaws are clear on the limits and duration of an electronic vote.  At the end of the day, it may actually (in my opinion) be for the best because I’m not sure our bylaws should be amended electronically.

This is now behind us and now that we have passed both the candidate filing deadline and the precinct delegate filing deadline, we need to be focused on what is the best course of action to support and elect our nominees coming out of the August primary election.  As you will see from the list of candidates and precinct delegates in tonight packet, we already presume we have a number of nominees already (i.e. Governor Snyder, Terri Lynn Land, Scott McGraw, Stan Runyon, etc.) as they are unopposed.  Now is a good to help them get going and to get the word out (especially our County Commission candidates).

Third, by now we have all read about Lorence Wenke’s decision to leave the Party and to join the Libertarian party. Needless to say, I am very disappointed in this decision.  In addition, I am disappointed that Nancy Wenke has also submitted her resignation to me on May 6, 2014 to also leave the Party and to resign as a member of the Executive Committee.  

Lastly, in accordance with our policies, I have contacted all of the candidates who will be on the ballot for the August primary and shared with them that, while not a common occurrence, the Executive Committee may choose to endorse someone in a primary election.  This can only be done if requested by a candidate and the vote can only occur with one month’s notice.  You’ll find that I have received a request from two candidates at this time and am giving notice that we will vote on whether or not to endorse in those races at our June meeting.  The endorsement will be issued on the two-thirds vote of those members present and voting in a secret ballot at that time. Please make every effort to be in attendance if your schedule allows.

Thank you all for your continued to support of the Republican Party and our candidates.  Your efforts are going to help Kalamazoo remain more than competitive in 2014.  We are going to make sure our County remains red f or this cycle and beyond.


Very Sincerely Yours,


David Q. Worthams
2012-14 Chairman
Republican Party of Kalamazoo County