Next Tuesday, April 22 at 4PM, is the filing deadline for candidates who are interested in running for office in the 2014 August Primary election.

On that ballot, you will have a chance to pick the nominees for the following offices:

  • Governor
  • United States Senator
  • Member of Congress (6th District)
  • State Senator (20th District)
  • State Representative (60th, 61st, 63rd, 66th Districts)
  • County Commissioner
  • Oshtemo Township Trustee
  • Pavillion Township Treasurer
  • Wakeshma Township Clerk

The citizens of Kalamazoo County deserve to have a choice in who represents them.  The only way that people will have that choice will be to have people who are willing to run for those offices.

If you’re interested in filing petitions or a filing fee, you can find more information from Kalamazoo County Clerk/Register of Deeds Tim Snow.  You can also get that information online by clicking on the following: