March 24, 2014

John Sellek
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Bill Schuette, Michigan’s Voice for Victims, Announces For Second Term As Attorney General. AG Asks for Voters’ Support To Continue Seeking Justice for Victims of Crime and Serving as a Voice for Defending the Constitution

MIDLAND— Kicking off a statewide tour this morning in his hometown of Midland, Attorney General Bill Schuette today announced that he will seek a second term as Michigan’s Attorney General.

At events across the state this week, from Detroit to Marquette and many stops in between, Schuette said he has used his first term to make the Attorney General’s office a voice for the victims of crime and in defense of the constitution. He is seeking a second term to build on these efforts.

“Today, I am announcing that I am running for re-election as Attorney General of the great State of Michigan so that we can continue our mission to be a voice for the victims of crime and in defense of our constitution.”

“If you have been victimized by tainted drugs that were supposed to help but instead hurt, trapped in the underground world of the human sex trade, suffered the brutal crime of rape only to find your evidence was never examined, or face losing your constitutionally-protected pension due to incompetence and corruption, I am working every day to be a voice for you and help you find justice.”

Attorney General Schuette has fought in many ways to improve public safety and carry out his responsibility to defend the constitution, including:

Protecting Retiree Pensions…and the Constitution

Detroit’s descent into bankruptcy threatened the pensions of the city’s cops and fire fighters with deep cuts. But Michigan’s constitution protects these pensions. These retirees had worked tough jobs in a tough city, and now they were poised to become victims of the incompetence and corruption of Detroit’s officials. So Attorney General Bill Schuette immediately fought to guarantee the protection our constitution offers.

When Bill took office nearly four years ago, he took the same pledge that all Michigan Attorneys General have taken: “I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this state…” Bill stood against his own party on the pension issue because he isn’t the kind of Attorney General who picks and chooses which parts of the constitution to defend.

Justice for Rape Victims

For thousands of victims of the horrible crime of rape, justice has been terribly delayed, and completely denied. After taking office as Attorney General, Schuette learned that thousands of samples of DNA evidence taken from rape victims were abandoned in a warehouse, having never been tested. This means that not only was justice denied for thousands of women, but those who committed these crimes were still on the streets, many of whom are serial rapists.

Bill secured state funding to test the DNA evidence kits and the Attorney General’s office will support local police and prosecutors to find the rapists and deliver justice to the victims at last.

Ending the Tragedy of Human Trafficking

It’s a horrifying nightmare we can’t ignore: human trafficking. Young run-aways kidnapped and forced into a life of sexual slavery, brutalized by their pimps, and afterward, treated as criminals by law enforcement.

Not anymore. Attorney General Schuette is cracking down on this tragedy, and for the
 first time we’re treating these people as the
 victims they truly are, and not as criminals. This new approach to the fight against human trafficking will bring these victims out of the shadows, and bring an end to the horror of this sickening crime.

Fighting Violent Crime

It’s no secret that too many of Michigan’s cities are awash in violent crime, and that local police forces have been decimated by Michigan’s two decades of recession. That’s why Bill Schuette proposed hiring 1,000 new cops, to support local law enforcement in restoring order. Bill also secured passage of a new law requiring a 25-year minimum mandatory sentence for repeat violent felons. No more will Michigan play “catch and release” with murderers and rapists.

A Public Servant Dedicated to Public Safety and Victims of Crime and Corruption

Bill Schuette is Michigan’s 53rd Attorney General. He has an unmatched career serving Michigan. Bill was elected to Congress in 1984 and helped advance the Reagan Revolution. He served Governor John Engler as Director of Agriculture, promoting Michigan’s second largest industry. He was later elected twice to the state Senate, working to grow Michigan’s economy, expand educational opportunities for our kids and to protect our families from violent crime. Bill served a term on the Michigan Court of Appeals, where he followed the rule of law and defended our constitution. Then in 2010 Michigan voters chose Bill Schuette to be Attorney General, where he works every day to be the voice for Michigan’s victims.