Chairman’s Corner by Scott McGraw

I am proud to announce that the Kalamazoo County Republican Party’s Lincoln Tribute Dinner will feature keynote speaker Congresswoman Liz Cheney. This is a major speaker coming to Kalamazoo for our annual event that has been a part of our local party for more than 100 years!

Kalamazoo has been very well received by the state and national parties when it comes to sending speakers for this event. We had RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel speak last year, the House Floor Leader Kevin McCarthy the year before and even Gov. Rick Snyder in the not-so-distant past. Kalamazoo has had great speakers over the past 123 Lincoln Tribute Dinners that we’ve hosted: former President George H.W. Bush, Sen. John McCain, Congressman Guy Vanderjact, and many others. I’d like to thank our 6th District Congressman Fred Upton for all the help he has been in booking these outstanding speakers over the years.

Cheney serves as Wyoming’s lone member of Congress in the U.S. House of Representatives. She was first elected in 2016, on a platform of pursuing conservative solutions to help create jobs, cut taxes and regulation, expand America’s energy, mining and ag industries and restoring America’s strength and power in the world.

The 51-year-old is the eldest daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife Lynne Cheney. 

She has spent much of her career involved national security and in Middle East relations, specifically with regard to Iran and Syria. In August 2013, conservative Newsmax magazine named Cheney among the “25 most influential women in the GOP.” Her visit to Kalamazoo is especially timely with President Trump’s recent decision to end the United State’s involvement in the Iran Nuclear Deal.

This will be a momentous Lincoln Tribute Dinner and I hope all of you can make it and show Ms. Cheney and our elected officials that Kalamazoo believes in those vary principles that this country has been founded on and will stand proud in supporting this country against terrorism and the attacks on individual freedoms that happen each day in the United States.

Please join me on Saturday, June 23, at the Kalamazoo Radisson for the 123rd Lincoln Tribute Dinner in Kalamazoo County. That’s not a misprint. We have had Lincoln dinners since shortly after the end of the Civil War and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

It is the 123rd time we’ve gotten together in Kalamazoo County to honor the heritage of the Republican Party. Michigan has had an important role with the Republican Party as many contend it began under the oaks on July 6, 1854 in Jackson. The significance of Kalamazoo in Republican lore dates to Aug. 27, 1856, when a prominent Illinois attorney named Abraham Lincoln gave the only public speech in Michigan in his lifetime at Bronson Park, stumping for the first Republican candidate for president John Fremont.

Our annual celebration was named after Lincoln to memorialize the fallen president because his assassination was still fresh in people’s minds. Some of the same people who saw that young attorney speak in Bronson Park on that warm August afternoon were probably the same ones who helped organize the first Lincoln Tribute Dinner in Kalamazoo County.

Come join your fellow Republicans as we salute the long history of this great party and the bright future we have to look forward to. Tickets are available on our website at See you on June 23rd!